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15. August 2014, 12:41

Folgende Artikel und Berichte wurden von den Forscherinnen und Forschern von Sucht Schweiz publiziert

Delgrande Jordan, M. (2014). Stationäre Behandlung der Alkoholabhängigkeit - Ergebnisse der KlientInnenbefragung act-info 2013 - Deskriptive Statistik. Lausanne: Sucht Schweiz. Also available: direct link.

Delgrande Jordan, M. (2014). Traitement résidentiel de l’alcoolodépendance - Résultats du monitorage act-info auprès des client-e-s 2013 - Recueil de tableaux statistiques. Lausanne: Addiction Suisse. Also available: direct link.

Gmel, G. (2014). Commentary on Rossow et al. (2014) and Norstrom & Svensson (2014): We want to believe-or do we have to? Addiction, 109(9), 1459-1461. DOI 10.1111/add.12660. Also available: direct link.

Kuntsche, E., Dietze, P., & Jenkinson, R. (2014). Understanding alcohol and other drug use during the event. Drug and Alcohol Review, 33(4), 335-337. DOI 10.1111/dar.12171. Also available: direct link.

Bendtsen, P., Damsgaard, M. T., Huckle, T., Casswell, S., Kuntsche, E., Arnold, P., de Looze, M. E., Hofmann, F., Hublet, A., Simons-Morton, B., ter Bogt, T., & Holstein, B. E. (2014). Adolescent alcohol use: A reflection of national drinking patterns and policy? Addiction, Epub ahead of print. DOI 10.1111/add.12681. Also available: direct link.

de Looze, M., ter Bogt, T. F. M., Raaijmakers, Q. A. W., Pickett, W., Kuntsche, E., & Vollebergh, W. A. M. (2014). Cross-national evidence for the clustering and psychosocial correlates of adolescent risk behaviours in 27 countries. European Journal of Public Health, Epub ahead of print. DOI 10.1093/eurpub/cku083. Also available: direct link.

Baggio, S., Iglesias, K., Studer, J., & Gmel, G. (2014). An 8-Item short form of the Inventory of Dimensions of Emerging Adulthood (IDEA) among young Swiss men. Evaluation & the Health Professions, Epub ahead of print. DOI 10.1177/0163278714540681. Also available: direct link.

Baggio, S., Studer, J., Deline, S., N’Goran, A., Dupuis, M., Henchoz, Y., Mohler-Kuo, M., Daeppen, J.-B., & Gmel, G. (2014). Patterns and transitions in substance use among young Swiss men: A latent transition analysis approach. Journal of Drug Issues, Epub ahead of print. DOI 10.1177/0022042614526996. Also available: direct link.

Baggio, S., Studer, J., Deline, S., N’Goran, A., Mohler-Kuo, M., Daeppen, J.-B., & Gmel, G. (2014). Simultaneous use of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis in relation to severity of substance dependence: A study among young Swiss men. Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy, S10:002. DOI 10.4172/2155-6105.S10-002. Also available: direct link.

Gaume, J., Magill, M., Longabaugh, R., Bertholet, N., Gmel, G., & Daeppen, J.-B. (2014). Influence of counselor characteristics and behaviors on the efficacy of a brief motivational intervention for heavy drinking in young men-a randomized controlled trial. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 38(7), 2138-2147. DOI 10.1111/acer.12469. Also available: direct link.


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